Company Profile

AP Poultry Equipments has over the last two decades of operation established itself as a leading solutions providor of innovative poultry incubation systems, equipments and automations.

Our focus is completely on designing, developing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing poultry equipments and systems. Our dedicated team of experienced staff have always been proactive to provide comprehensive and flexible services which enable the poultry industry to get better results.We also excel in Hatchery design, consultation and providing education programs to leading poultry industry throughout the world.

With our experienced and dynamic work force, we have committed ourselves to produce quality, efficient and reliable systems that simplify the challenges of poultry farming and improve poultry production efficiency.

Products Manufactures/Services Offered

A.P. Poultry equipments is manufacturing best quality, fully automatic incubators and supplying all over India and exporting to different countries like Tanzania, Algeria, Nigeria, Uganda, Oman, Dubai, Bangladesh, etc.
A.P. Poultry Equipments machines enjoy the most desirable status of providing best value for money for all the equipments of Hatchery’s business.

Our Products List